Our kennel


Welcome to my kennels homepage. My name is Ibolya Diószegi, the Efendi basset hounds' owner. I bought my first basset hound in 1989 from Borbála Sártory, the breeds' hungarian naturalizer. It was Bujdosó-Úti Dini "Darling", followed by K&K Beauty Béby. From Darlings' first mating Kőteleki B. Artúr was born. With them I started the breeding of basset hound. My dogs were very successful on dog shows. In 1993 at the Europe Show in Budapest Artur was the Young European winner, and Beauty was CAC, res. CACIB winner. In 1996 I got my dear whale dog "Molly" from Slovakia; her pedigreed name - Appia Barr Stastna Chvila. In 1998 also from this kennel I brought "Maxi", Cortés Stastna Chvila. With him I achieved my breeds' biggest success. In 1999 at Tulln Maxi also was Young European winner. In 2002 I got the Years' breeder prize. The Efendi name can be found not only in Europe, but also in Japan. I would like to thank to every Efendi owners, who contribute to these successes! In the near future my breed flared with two new dogs. In 2009 with Boscorelli from the Voice of Forest kennel, further in august 2009 from Poland Macho Man Klan Sycylyjczikow arrived.